School Visit

Hafnarborg wishes to be a place for everyone to enjoy arts and culture, welcoming school groups of all ages to the museum‘s exhibitions through the year. The aim of the visits is to foster thought about fine art and design – to see, discover, explore and express oneself.

Art is a mirror that reflects our world and artists deal with the grandest ideas, through questions about life, existence and experience. The school visits are then adapted to the needs of each group, with regards to subject matter, focus and education level. The duration of one visit is typically meant to match up with the length of a single lesson, but it is also possible to adjust the length of the visit to the wishes of each group.

About the Exhibitions

Community of Sentient Beings

Hafnarborg’s autumn exhibition concerns the meaning of belonging to a certain category – or community – questioning who or what enjoys the benefit of belonging. The world is then viewed as a whole, being comprised of countless sentient beings that coexist with one another.

In this way, we take a holistic approach to the subject matter, instead of compartmentalizing and separating ourselves from the rest, as we tend to do, when we place mankind above all else in a made-up hierarchy, at the top of the metaphorical pyramid. The focus is also on the way we place each other in categories, in this age of mass migration and multiculture.

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Stirring Emotions

Hafnarborg now presents the learning exhibition Stirring Emotions, which explores the connection of art and emotions. The founders of Hafnarborg, Ingibjörg Sigurjónsdóttir and Sverrir Magnússon, shared a common interest in the arts, but Sverrir was already a young adult when he first visited an art exhibition, describing the experience in this way: “I can distinctly remember the emotions that seeing a painting for the first time stirred in me.”

At the exhibition, select works from the museum collection are considered as representations of a wide range of emotions, expressed through art, while encouraging young visitors to reflect on the works. How are emotions portrayed by the artist? Does an image have the power to stir similar emotions in people, or perhaps even different emotions?

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Schedule a Visit

We receive school groups, by appointment, on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., free of charge. To schedule a visit, please contact the museum via telephone at 585 5790 or via email at [email protected]. We generally limit the number of students in each group to twenty-five, so that everyone may gain the most from the visit, which is why we recommend splitting extra large groups into at least two smaller ones.