School Visit

Hafnarborg wishes to be a place for everyone to enjoy arts and culture, inviting school groups to visit the museum‘s exhibitions. The aim of the visit is to foster thought about fine art and design – to see, discover, explore and express oneself.

Art deals with a wide range of topics and countless ideas, as artists concern themselves with most things, and the museum visit is adapted to each group, with regards to subject matter, focus and education level. For groups at the preschool level, the visit is generally aimed at children one year away from starting elementary school. The visit is free of charge for school groups.

The museum visit takes approximately one school periods, but it is also possible to adjust the length of the visit to the wishes of each group. Please note that it is important that the number of students is not over twenty-five, so that everyone may gain the most from the visit, and for that reason it is recommended to split larger groups into at least two groups.

School groups are welcome, by appointment, on weekdays from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. To schedule a visit, please contact the museum by telephone at 585 5790 or by email at