Public Art in Hafnarfjörður

A new website with information about public art in Hafnarfjörður was launched this spring. In the town, one can find dozens of works by many famous Icelandic artists, as well as works by foreign artists connected to the town in one way or another. A number of the works are located either in the heart of Hafnarfjörður or by the harbour, though many are to be found in the sculpture garden at Víðistaðatún Park, in Hellisgerði Park or around the retirement home of Sólvangur.

The website is accessible at, where one can see the location of the works, under the care of Hafnarborg, on an interactive map, in addition to details about the artworks. The list is, however, not exhaustive, as there are certainly more public artworks located around town, owned by various organisations, companies or private individuals. The website is thus constantly growing, as the staff of Hafnarborg seeks new ways to share information on the museum collection, in an effort to increase the public‘s awareness of this part of local cultural heritage.