comme ça louise?

Guðný Rósa Ingimarsdóttir

Saturday June 1st at 3 p.m., Guðný Rósa Ingimarsdóttir‘s exhibition, comme ça louise?, will open in Sverrissalur at Hafnarborg.

The exhibition comme ça louise? consists of a combination of visual elements related to a girl’s voice reading from a translation of Steinn Steinarr’s poem Time and Water. The reader is Icelandic and does not understand the English words, yet the essence of the message gets through to the attentive listener. The formal meaning of the sounds is of little consequence, as we communicate with each other – sparingly but intensely – while the waves of the sea murmur on in harmony with the advance of time.

The entirety of the elements gives the observer no more than a starting point for interpretation, where he has to find his own way through the numerous connections and escape routes. The drawings form an intersection of fragments that often remain unfinished. They contain doorways to the imagination and lead to ‘frozen’ moments in time from the past and the future. Each moment seems eternal, with the potential for recurrence. The networks also suggest the existence of several dimensions in the folds of linear time, while other possibilities that are still waiting for realisation are part of the universe, but belong to a different order of things. Everything depends on the connections we ourselves choose.

Guðný Rósa was born in Reykjavík in 1969. She studied at the Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts, La Cambre in Brussel and HISK in Antwerp, Belgium. Guðný Rósa lives and works in Brussels.