Traditional Slavic Tunes – Concert and Singing Workshop

Monday October 4th from 3:30 p.m., the museum space will be filled with traditional tunes and stories of Slavic nations, of the East and the West.

Those of you who want to listen, you will have a chance to hear the live performance of traditional Slavic songs and chants interweaved with stories about old customs and beliefs, and those who want to participate will have a chance to learn some traditional Slavic tunes and dances.

We will start with a concert of traditional Slavic songs, among which you will find tunes coming from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, the Balkans and more. To make them better understood, each of them will be introduced and set in the context of the ritual year of the Slavic calendar, as well as traditional customs and beliefs.

The second part of the meeting will consist of short traditional Slavic singing workshops (no language skills required), as well as simple and – as we will be surrounded by fragile museum objects – calm, traditional dances of Poland.

The meeting will be led by five Polish singers and performers: Anna Sitko, Dagna Tańska, Maria Franas, Anna Kaźmierak and Nina Szczudlik, who are engaged in their local traditional and folk music scenes. Being passionate dancers, musicians and folk researchers, they are happy to share their knowledge and passion with the international crowd.

The concert and the singing workshop are a part of the programme of Hafnarborg’s autumn exhibition, Community of Sentient Beings, curated by Wiola Ujazdowska and Hubert Gromny. The exhibition was opened at the museum on August 28th and is set to end on October 31st.

Everyone welcome – free entry.