Choirs sing for Christmas

On Saturday, December 6th Hafnarborg, the Hafnarfjördur Center of Culture and Fine Art will be filled with singing and festive spirit when numerous of choirs from Hafnarfjörður, appointed by people of all ages come together and sing in a concert. Singing Christmas are now held for the eighteenth time and are a cooperation between Hafnarborg, the School Office and the Office of Culture and Tourism.
Admission to Singing Christmas is free
The exhibitions of the museum are closed on this day.The program:
09.40-10.00    Hvammur kindergarten
10.00-10:20    Stekkjarás kindergarten
10:20-10:40    Álfasteinn kindergarten
10:40-11:00    Brekkuhvammur kindergarten

11:00-11:20    Choir of Öldutúnsskóli

11.20-11:40    Little choir of Öldutúnsskóli

11:40-12:00    Arnarberg kindergarten

12:00-12:20    Hraunvallaskóli (kindergarten)

12:20-12:40    Choir of Áslandsskóli

12:40-13:00    Choir of Setbergsskóli

13:00-13:20   Choir of Flensborgarskóli (high school)

13:20-13:40    Choir of Hrafnista (retirement home)

13:40-14:00    The Scout choir

14:00-14:20    Male choir of older Þrestir

14:20-14:40    Children- and youth choir of Hafnarfjördur kirkja

14:40-15:00    The Gaflarachoir

15:00-15:20    Women’s choir of Hafnarfjördur

15:20-15:40    Gospel choir of Ástjarnarkirkja