Silent Spring – End of Exhibition and Guided Tour

Sunday May 17th is the last day of the exhibition Silent Spring, which opened in Hafnarborg as a part of The Icelandic Photo Festival last January. For the end of the exhibition, a guided tour will take place at 2 p.m. with Unnur Mjöll S. Leifsdóttir, Museum and Education Representative of Hafnarborg, where she will tell guests about the exhibition, which was extended under unprecedented circumstances. The artists participating in the exhibition are Hertta Kiiski, Katrín Elvarsdóttir and Lilja Birgisdóttir, but the curator is Daría Sól Andrews.

In the exhibition, Lilja, Hertta and Katrín invoke a tender, coaching warmth towards environments neglected and at the brink of loss. By focusing in on the beauty in the found, in the renewed, they hope to awaken an urgent appreciation for the delicate state our deteriorating world is in. Working in the face of climate change, they employ the photographic medium and a sculptural, sensory focus to environments which call for a nurturing attention.

Entry is free and everyone welcome.