Poetry in Colour – Creative Workshop for Families

Sunday October 16th at 3 p.m., Hafnarborg invites families to attend a creative poetry and watercolour workshop in connection with the annual Book and Cinema Festival for schoolchildren in Hafnarfjörður.

Emphasis will be on simple poetry making, drawing inspiration from Elfa Björk Jónsdóttir‘s artworks, in relation to her ongoing solo exhibition in Hafnarborg‘s lower gallery, having been named artist of the festival Art Without Borders. An interplay of forms and bright colours characterise Elfa Björk’s work and participants will take a walk through the exhibition with the artist, looking for ideas for their own creative approach.

Experimenting with watercolour to make an image and a poem, the participants will be encouraged to work in free-flow mode to create their very own poetic artworks, large or small.

Participation is free of charge – everyone welcome.