Tracks – Conversation on beauty

In the connection with the exhibition Tracks, a seminar conversation on beauty will be held in Hafnarborg Saturday October 4th at 2pm. The various surfaces and forms of beauty are examined from ideas that appear in the exhibition and out of art philosophy, aesthetic and theological perspectives. Participants of the seminar are Aðalheiður L Guðmundsdóttir adjunct and manager of the Department of Fine Art in the Iceland Academy of Arts, Dr. Gunnar Á. Harðarson Professor of the Philosophy Department of the University of Iceland, Dr. Theol. Gunnar Kristjánsson who is a priest in Reynivellir diocese and dean of Kjalarnessprófastdæmi and last but not least Helga Þórsdóttir the curator of Tracks, who is also a cultural theorist as well as an professional artist and interior architect. The participants will each shortly discuss beauty from different points of view and the curator Helga Þórsdóttir will then oversee panel to discuss the value and position of beauty in contemporary society.

The seminar will be held in icelandic.