Culture Walk – Hafnarfjörður Viewpoints

Thursday June 4th at 8 p.m., we will offer a culture walk through the town centre of Hafnarfjörður, walking the known paths of artists here in town, in search of their points of view in the area. The walk will commence at Hafnarborg.

The focus will be on the artists’ viewpoints, as seen in select works from the Hafnarborg Collection, all of which depict the town of Hafnarfjörður, though each in its own way. There, we see the town through the eyes of artists, working in different times and in different media, such as painting, drawing, print and photography. At the end of the walk, we will then visit Hafnarborg to look at a few of these works.

The town of Hafnarfjörður offers a programme of special health and culture walks every Thursday evening through the summer. The walks are a collaborative effort by Hafnarborg, The Hafnarfjörður Museum, The Hafnarfjörður Library and The Health Town Hafnarfjörður. Participation is free of charge and everyone is welcome. The event is in Icelandic.