Community of Sentient Beings – Final Performances and Closing Speeches

Sunday October 31st, Hafnarborg‘s autumn exhibition, Community of Sentient Beings, will come to an end with a soft closing from 2-4 p.m. It will start with a performance by Hubert Gromny at 2 p.m. and continue with a performance by Dans Afríka Iceland at 3 p.m., concluded by closing speeches.

This year‘s autumn exhibition is curated by Hubert Gromny and Wiola Ujazdowska who seek to create a space for multiple voices to come together while reflecting on different ways of voicing, hearing, and sensing. In this way, the exhibition offers a space for various kinds of engagement, with an emphasis on the project’s processual and performative nature, by activating the space and exploring different ways of inhabiting it, transforming the museum into a space of connectivity.

2 p.m. – Performance by Hubert Gromny: The Soil
The performance is informed by the methodology of storytelling and image-making based on the notion of summoning, listening to images, and listening to the land. The Soil is the outcome of research for which the artist engaged with listening to the land of his hometown Połaniec in South-East Poland. An analogue camera became an apparatus of listening to the place, retrieving un-archival stories and relating with the ancestry, the soil, as well as reflecting on the notion of property.

3 p.m. – Performance by Dans Afríka Iceland
The performance will involve drumming and dancing to the rhythms of the Baga people to honour the traditions and ancestors, keeping the heritage alive for generations to come. The performers feel it is important to spread the joy that comes from hearing and seeing the African art of music and dance and would like the audience to let go of the boundaries imposed by society by joining in the performance and experiencing the healing of the sound of the drum and the movement of dance.

Everyone welcome – free entry.