Hanna Davíðsson

Spark is an exhibition now on display in Hafnarborg’s Sverris-gallery of works by Hanna Davíðsson, a woman who lived and worked in Hafnarfjörður at the beginning of the 20th century when Icelandic women received the right to vote in 1915. Hanna was born Johanne Finnbogason in 1888, but changed her name to Hanna Davíðsson in 1912 when she married. Even though she ceased to be the artist Johanne Finnbogason and became Mrs. Hanna Davíðsson, the tools of art such as the pencil and the brush,were never out of reach.

The exhibition Spark consists of paintings and drawings from various times by Hanna, such as small works that show her immediate vicinity, particularly flowers, the people and the environment of Hafnarfjörður as well as photographs that are now preserved by the Hafnarfjörður Heritage Museum. Most of the photographs have never been shown before and come from films that were found under floor panels in the Sívertsen-house in Hafnarfjördur. Hanna lived in the Sivertsen house for some time but now the house is a part of the Hafnarfjörður Heritage Museum. The exhibition runs until Sunday March 1st.