Brynjar Sigurðarson og Veronika Sedlmair

The exhibition Reservation seeks to translate or connect “things” in the environment – i.e. rural, urban and cultural areas – with ideas and studies for new “things”. These translations can involve realizing the texture and material of various things from the urban area as three-dimensional objects or researching the forms and styles through materials. The work is seen as a series of possibilities and a source for new “things”.

All the media and stages of the work are seen on an equal footing, as photographs, sketches, drawings, sample materials, objects, sounds, text and videos will be shown together at the exhibit. The media blend together and influence each other. From a photograph to a drawing, to something three-dimensional, to an object, to a sound, to a video…

Sound becomes a catalyst for an object or a photograph produces formal exercises in drawing. The goal of the exhibition is to make use of and show all these stages or present some sort of chart of the connections between the various objects and their subjects. The exhibition is meant to represent and visualize the process, ideas and sources of inspiration. A journey through ideas, research, exercises and “things”.

At this exhibition, the creative process itself is on exhibit, as the various stages of objects and ideas are opened up and shown to the public. By looking at the entire process and showing the development of ideas, a certain depth is discovered, along with new points of view.

The exhibition is presented as a part of this year’s DesignMarch. The project was supported by The Artist’s Salary Fund.