Long Are the Trials of Man

Þorvaldur Þorsteinsson

A retrospective exhibition of works by Þorvaldur Þorsteinsson (Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson), in collaboration with the Akureyri Art Museum and the Thorvaldur Thorsteinsson Estate. At the exhibition, a wide variety of works will be presented: sculptures, installation pieces, paintings and video works that are representative of this dynamic artist and the way that he related to society. Þorvaldur would have turned sixty on November 7th 2020.

Þorvaldur was a productive artist and teacher who made use of most art mediums in his career. In addition to creating visual artwork he wrote novels, plays, poetry and music, becoming well known in Iceland for Vasaleikhúsið (The Pocket Theatre), a play performed on the Icelandic National Radio in 1991 and later on television. His novel Skilaboðaskjóðan (The Message Pouch) was also an instant success when it was published in 1986 and was later dramatized and performed at The National Theatre of Iceland, as a musical in 1993. His four books about Betterby have been translated into several languages and The Reykjavík City Theatre staged his play And Björk, Of Course… in 2002. Þorvaldur held numerous solo exhibitions, both in Iceland and abroad, and participated in international group exhibitions all over.