Drawings/Sketches in Clay and Textiles

Kristín Garðarsdóttir

Kristín Garðarsdóttir, ceramic artist and designer, spent a few months in the Netherlands at the esteemed European Ceramic Workcenter (EKWC), where she developed works in ceramic. Meanwhile, she was working in textiles at the TextielLab workshop in the TextielMuseum in Tilburg. At EKWC and TextielLab, experts in ceramic and textiles work under the best available conditions. They work closely with artists, designers and architects from all around the world, experimenting and developing multiple projects.

Each work starts as a sketch or drawing, ultimately moving off the sheet into different materials. This process is evident in Kristín’s work. Sketches and drawings that were made on decades-old accounting paper are rendered in clay and textiles through different means, simple and primitive as well as high-tech. The sketches and drawings are woven from Icelandic wool in a computer-operated loom, hand-sculpted and twisted in clay, printed in 3D and cast in porcelain, pressed with a clay press and burned in a gas kiln.

The results of these procedures are things that exhibit craftsmanship, knowledge and technique, sometimes with a clear use, but often rather obscure. The outcome of Kristín’s time at the EKWC and TextielLab will be shown at this exhibition in Hafnarborg, in connection with DesignMarch 2019. The curator of the exhibition is Brynhildur Pálsdóttir.