Winter Break in Hafnarfjörður – Creative Workshops at Hafnarborg

Hafnarborg invites primary school children to participate in fun and creative workshops during the upcoming Winter Break, October 23rd and 24th. The workshops will explore different activities, so children are welcome to attend either or both days.

Please note that a workshop that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday October 24th has been cancelled for the Women’s Strike happening that same day. A new date for the workshop will be announced soon. For more information on the Women’s Strike, see

Colourful Wallhangings
Monday October 23rd at 1-3 p.m.

During the workshop, participants will explore the magical realm of colour by making wallhangings from colourful yarn. Together we will look at the colour wheel and get to know basic concepts of colour theory, such as complementary colours or warm and cold colours, in addition to colour value, hue and intensity. The participants will study how colours interact and how to create a specific mood using colours. The instructor will be artist Ingunn Fjóla Ingþórsdóttir.

Hats with Sól
Tuesday October 24th at 1-3 p.m.

Fashion designer Sól Hansdóttir, who is one of the participating artists of Hafnarborg’s autumn exhibition Landscape for the Chosen Ones, will lead this workshop where participants will create hats inspired by art and the avant-garde. We will explore the different possibilities of making a headdress, considering how and when a hat turns into a sculpture or an artwork in its own right. All materials are provided.

The workshops will take place on the ground floor of the museum and we ask that children attend accompanied by parent(s) or guardian(s). As always, participation in workshops and entrance to the museum’s exhibitions is free of charge.