The Hafnarborg Songfest 2021 – Perseverence

The Hafnarborg Songfest will take place for the fifth time from June 19th until July 4th 2021.

The Songfest will feature a great number of excellent musicians, as well as a diverse programme. The Perseverence that has helped us all make it through the difficult pandemic is this year’s theme. Music and poetry convey shared human emotion across time and borders, helping us understand ourselves and find connections with others, inspiring and teaching us to appreciate the beautiful things in life, in hope of better times ahead.

This year’s programme, including information about courses, concerts and performers can be found at

The artistic directors and founders of the Hafnarborg Songfest are Guðrún Jóhanna Ólafsdóttir and Francisco Javier Jáuregui.