Grants Awarded for the Year 2020

The grants awarded from The Museum Fund (safnasjóður) and The Visual Arts Fund (myndlistarsjóður), have been made known for the year 2020. Hafnarborg expresses its gratitude for the grants awarded to projects at the museum. From The Museum Fund, Hafnarborg received a grant for two projects: Hafnarborg and The Health Town (1,500,000 ISK) and Images in Open Access – a Contract with The Icelandic Visual Art Copyright Association (800,000 ISK). Work on both projects is already in progress.

In cooperation with The Hafnarfjörður Museum and others, Hafnarborg was also awarded with a special grant (öndvegisstyrkur) for one project: Collaboration on Museum Education – Policy and Implementation (12,000,000 ISK, over four years).

From The Visual Arts Fund, Hafnarborg received grants for two exhibition projects: Exhibition of Urban Soundscapes by Davíð Brynjar Franzson, Composer, Curated by Þráinn Hjálmarsson (300,000 ISK) and Catalogue for an Exhibition of Works by Þorvaldur Þorsteinsson, in Collaboration with The Akureyri Art Museum (500,000 ISK).

Moreover, the curators of the 2020 autumn exhibition, Becky Forsythe and Penelope Smart, were awarded a grant of 800,000 ISK for production of the exhibition The Wildflower, which will focus a futuristic lens on our human desire to know nature.

Grants, such as these, serve an important role in enabling the programme of Hafnarborg to thrive and have a positive impact on the community, with noteworthy projects, as well as providing a space for creative thought and expression to prosper.