DesignMarch Postponed – Current Exhibitions Extended

Hafnarborg‘s exhibitions, Far and Silent Spring, opened as a part of The Icelandic Photo Festival last January, have been extended until spring, as the board of DesignMarch has made the decision to postpone the festival under present circumstances. Subsequently, the exhibition material:wood, which was set to open at the end of March in connection with the programme of DesignMarch, has been postponed until summer.

The current exhibitions at the museum both shed a light on the environment, as the artists look for beauty in our surroundings, whether in nature or in our immediate environment, our daily life. The exhibitions also raise questions of how we look at the world and what we leave behind. For the time being, the exhibitions will remain open as usual, 12–5 a.m., all days except Tuesdays, though this is subject to change. Entry is free.

Please note that organized events at the museum, such as concerts, guided tours and workshops, will be postponed or cancelled, while the ban on public gatherings is in effect. There is also an increased focus on hygiene, especially in regards to points of common contact, door knobs, handrails and the like. Furthermore, guests are encouraged to keep a certain distance from each other, both in the exhibition rooms and the museum reception.

Further information on the altered exhibition programme of Hafnarborg, dates and more, will be published in due time.