Music Workshops – Tónagull po polsku in Hafnarborg

Hafnarborg and the town of Hafnarfjörður have lent their support to the project Tónagull po polsku (Tónagull in Polish), which will offer weekly music workshops for Polish-speaking children and their parents in Hafnarborg, beginning on Sunday March 8th. The project is also supported by the Polish Embassy in Iceland.

Tónagull is a research-based music workshop method developed by prof. Helga Rut Guðmundsdóttir, designed to fit the needs of infants, 0-3 years old, and their parents. The first Tónagull workshop was held in 2004 and they have been organized continuously since then, attracting hundreds of Icelandic families every year. The workshops take place once a week and have a playful formula, engaging musically both the toddlers and the adult participants. From the beginning, the material has mostly been based on Icelandic folk songs and nursery rhymes, i.e. the native language of the participants.

In 2019, the first Polish language version of Tónagull was launched. Preserving the methodic framework of the Icelandic original workshops and some of the original songs with translated lyrics, the workshops incorporate traditional Polish children’s songs, popular folk melodies and nursery rhymes. Tónagull po polsku immediately gained high popularity among members of the Polish community in Iceland.

More information on the music workshops, dates and time, registration and more, can be found here in Polish.

Please note that the workshops are temporarily off, in light of present circumstances.