The Globe of Goodwill 2019 – Available at Our Shop

SÓL ÉG SÁ (SUN I SAW) by Ólöf Nordal is The Globe of Goodwill for the year 2019. The Globe of Goodwill is a beautiful work of art and a delightful collector‘s piece, but what makes it truly valuable is its content – love and friendship. The aim of the Globe is to enrich the lives of children and other young people with disabilities, but all proceeds go to the summer and winter camp at Reykjadalur, a place of joy, positivity and adventure. The name of The Globe is therefore symbolic of what it represents.

When Sæmundur the Wise awaited his death and appeared to have passed away, three fingers on his right hand were seen to move restlessly as if they longed to grasp something. People wondered what this could mean. Eventually, a range of items were brought before the fingers, but they kept on fidgeting until given a pen. One finger then bent around it, then the other finger was handed a sheet of paper and the second finger bent towards it. Now passing the third finger an inkwell was the obvious next step. The fingers then wrote down the poem The Song of the Sun and, once finished, they dropped the writing implements, lay at rest and moved no more.

Ólöf Nordal (1961) studied at the Icelandic College of Art and Crafts, The Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, completed an MFA degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan and subsequently another in sculpture from Yale University in Connecticut. She received the prestigious Richard Serra Award in 2005. Ólöf is the author of a range of outdoor art pieces and public monuments. Ólöf has focused on her Icelandic cultural heritage, history and folklore. Her artistic research has been focused on the nation‘s self-identity during the postcolonial period, the origin and reflection of national motifs in the present and the fragment as a mirror into the past.

The Globe of Goodwill is a blown glass sphere, with a ribbon in red, the colour of Christmas and affection. No two Globes are exactly the same, but each of them beautiful in its own way – just like every child of the world.

The Globe of Goodwill will be available at our museum shop from December 7th until December 21st.