Autumn Exhibition 2020 – Deadline Extended

Please note that the deadline to submit proposals for next year’s autumn exhibition has been extended by one week until Sunday November 17th. The autumn exhibition series began in the 2011 and since then nine exhibitions have been produced as a part of the series. This year‘s autumn exhibition, Everything at the Same Time, which opened on August 30th, was selected by the same method, from the proposals submitted last year.

By calling for proposals, the objective is to collaborate with different curators, who submit interesting proposals for an exhibition, as well as letting new voices be heard. In this way, special attention is given to curators who are new to the field. It is evident that a programme of this kind is not without warrant, as it has produced diverse and thought-provoking exhibitions, which have drawn attention and gotten good attendance.

The call is for exhibitions connecting subject matter, method or other ideas of artists’ works, but exhibitions analysing or focusing on a specific aspect of one artist’s work will also be considered. Proposals for exhibitions of contemporary artists’ works or exhibitions entailing historical analysis are also welcome. The Director and Art Council of Hafnarborg review the proposals and select the winning proposal each year.

Click here for more information on the submission process (in Icelandic) or contact us via email at or by telephone at (354) 585 5790.

Please send all proposals via email to, with the subject “Autumn Exhibition 2020”. In response, we will send a message confirming that we have received the proposal. If no confirmation is received, feel free to call us at (354) 585 5790. All results will be sent via email.