Prison – Exhibition Extended until the New Year

Olga Bergmann and Anna Hallin’s exhibition, Prison, currently on display at Sverrissalur in Hafnarborg, has been extended until the new year, with a new end date of January 5th 2020. The installation proceeds from work which Olga and Anna produced for The Hólmsheiði Prison, but a full-sized cell has been built in the museum, based on the blueprint of the cells in the prison itself.

At the exhibition, it is possible to visit the cell and enter the world of the prisoner. This world is clearly defined, being separated from our world, when most other borders and boundaries are gradually fading away, in the ever-shrinking, ever-connected world of social media and smartphones, where the actions, behaviour and location of individuals can be tracked with more and more precision.

The exhibition will be open during the installation of the next exhibition in Hafnarborg’s main gallery. The exhibition, Guðjón Samúelsson Architect, will open on Saturday November 2nd, but on that day the museum will be closed, until the opening of the new exhibition at 5 p.m.