Hafnarborg seeks to be a place for everyone to enjoy art and culture, inviting various groups for guided tours of the museum and its exhibitions – especially school groups, as students are always welcome for tours along with their teachers.

The objective of this education is to foster thought about fine art and design, as well as opening a dialogue about art and giving guests an opportunity to learn from artists about the various subjects of art and culture.

Art is an expansive field and few things are off limits to the artist, but the tours are adjusted to the needs and interests of each group, considering both age and prior knowledge of art. The education is open to all levels, from the upper classes of preschool through college.

Tours are free for schools, but each visit can range from thirty to ninety minutes, depending on the schedule and wishes of the group. It is recommended that each group is limited to twenty-five students, so that everyone may get the most out of the experience.

Tours for school groups are available during the week from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Tours for other groups are also available, for free, during opening hours. Visits can also be scheduled for other times, for a special fee.

To book groups, please call (354) 585 5790 or send an email to